Initial Consultation

Up to 1 Hour - Free

In the Initial Consultation, we will discuss how the brain works, and how we will use hypnotherapy to help you in future sessions.

We will use this time to gather some information which will be used in order to help you as effectively as possible.

Brain Sketch
Girl Relaxing

Further Sessions

50 Mins - £30

Following our initial consultation, we will move onto our hypnotherapy sessions. These will consist of discussions and trance work, aiming to move you forward to your new desired mindset.

Smoking Cessation

2 Hours - £70

Smoking cessation consists of one session lasting 2 hours. For these sessions, a deposit of £25 will be required upon booking.

Image by Andres Siimon


If necessary to cancel or re-arrange, we ask that you do so as early as possible.

Cancellations made within 48 hours will not receive a refund.