Past Life Regression

Full Session (2 Hours)

Using hypnotherapy, we aim to access memories from our soul's past lives.

It is possible that issues in our current life originated in one of our many past lives. By uncovering these memories we can discover their origins, and in doing so, allow us to heal issues that have accompanied us into our current life.

Not everyone will undergo Past Life Regression therapy to resolve issues, some people just crave to know themselves on a deeper, more spiritual level.

Past Life Regression consists of an initial 2 hour session - this includes time for our consultation and full session.

Following this, people may choose to continue with further 90-minute sessions.

Available online via zoom & in-person.

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See what my previous clients have said ...

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Very positive experience. I spent a couple of hours with George over zoom yesterday in a past life regression session. It was my first time in hypnosis so unsure what to expect. George put my mind at ease so I was really able to enjoy the session. I was amazed at how many past lives actually came up and the detail in them shocked even me. Fortunately George made notes so the bits I couldn't remember were filled in by those notes. I would have no hesitate in going back to George for more sessions. Thank you George.

Jamie K

Confident Mature Woman

I had a regression therapy session with George. He has a very soft, calm approach which made me trust him immediately. His guidance through my body than to my past lives helped me to find the answers about the blockages in my current life. With gratitude...

Ayla S