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Elevate Mood/ Manage Depression

Do you want to be more in-control of your mood?

Are you struggling with negativity and want to learn how to manage or overcome it?

Without knowing it, our minds can become embroiled in a vicious cycle of negativity. This cycle can be very hard to break out of, and cause us to negatively view things in our everyday life, leading to more negativity and anxiety.

Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in calming our minds, allowing us to take conscious control and re-programme it to view life in a more positive way.

Scroll down to see what my previous clients have said ...


See what my previous clients have said ...

Image by Rowan Chestnut

George made me feel at ease and I've really enjoyed our hypnotherapy sessions together. I've seen some improvement so far in one of the phobias I'm seeing him for and I've had no adverse affects. Still one more session to go for the other phobia.

Kara N

Image by Lachlan Dempsey

I had 6 sessions with George and it's completely changed my outlook on life. I heard that hypnotherapy was good but I never believed it to this extent. I feel like my old self again. Thank you!

Carl B


Brilliant. A very well organised service. I had the online sessions that despite not being in person, I found to be most useful when trying to relax. As soon as it is covid safe to do so, I will be arranging a session in person. Highly recommend for destressing and for trying to relax.

Joe D

Man on Computer

I recently had hypnotherapy sessions with George after suffering with work related stress. His kind and knowledgable approach to a method I was not immediately familiar with made me feel comfortable and relaxed from the start. The sessions helped me with my struggles and I would definitely recommend George and Whitaker hypnotherapy.

James H

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