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Hypnotherapy Myths and Misconceptions

What are the most common hypnotherapy & hypnosis myths and misconceptions?

Maybe you've watched a stage hypnosis show?

Maybe you've watched a bit of Derren Brown?

Maybe you've heard that you lose control during hypnosis?

Whatever you've seen or heard about hypnosis, it will have had an influence on the way you picture hypnotherapy and how you imagine it to work.

In this blog, we're going to look at some of the most common hypnosis myths. Hopefully, by the end, you'll have more of a realistic idea of what to expect should you ever want to give hypnosis a go...

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There are many myths and misconceptions around hypnosis & hypnotherapy.

Myth 1: People can’t resist suggestions when hypnotised

Some people think that if a person is hypnotised, they have to take on whatever suggestions are put forward to them. This is not true as individuals do not lose control over their actions during hypnosis. Hypnosis actually gives you more control over your mind, and people can resist any suggestions that they do not want. So, someone couldn’t make you give out any personal details during hypnosis.

Myth 2: Hypnosis is a “special state”

Hypnosis is not a special state. You may have heard of people talking about the trance state. We can enter this state in many ways, from reading a good book to driving the car - you may have heard of this being explained as 'the everyday trance'. The depth of this trance state can change depending on the situation, but hypnosis is not its own special state.


Myth 3: You Must Close your eyes for hypnosis to work

You don’t need to have your eyes closed for hypnosis to be effective, but you may find it easier, especially to begin with. Closing your eyes can help you to go within your own mind, and be less effected by external stimuli. Active Alert Hypnosis has been shown in studies, where they had subjects cycle stationary bikes while being hypnotised, with their eyes open!


Myth 4: People are either hypnotisable or they are not

It is true that some people are more natural hypnosis subjects than others. Therefore, they are more likely to take on positive suggestions quicker than others. However, hypnosis is a skill, and we can improve at it over time, just like with any other skill. Everyone can use hypnosis and see benefits from doing so, no matter how much of a 'natural' you are.

So, we’ve just looked at some of the most common hypnosis myths.

What other ones have you heard?


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